Resin Pathways

Garden Paths

It can be hard to maintain garden paths. There are several problems: soil leaking from the flowerbeds causes the garden to become sloppy, the surface of the garden sinks, heavy rain causes the garden to flood, and pooling creates a trip hazard. The problem is that it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain neat borders. You may have to recreate the paths in your garden every year.

This is likely because you are searching to solve one or more of the above problems. Resin garden paths may be the answer. Resin paths can be an eco-friendly solution to a difficult, messy and high-maintenance situation in your garden footpaths.

Resin makes garden tracks safer to use. Permeable surfaces should be able to make you feel the difference after a heavy rain. There are no puddles.

Because they are non-slip resin pathways make it easier to navigate. This helps you to stay on the right track, even in rain.

Resin paths can be laid by hand and make any landscaping design possible. You can have steps, raised areas and u-turns. Resin paths are also able to make special shapes work.

The pebbles are carefully protected with UV-stable resin. This makes the surface extremely durable. It is also resistant to sunlight’s destructive effects. There’s no cracking or fading. So if you decide to go for a more vibrant color, it will not fade or crack.

There are a variety of colours to choose from

It is possible to colour code pathways to different destinations from a large garden.

Each stone is sealed with resin so there’s no loose material.

This gives you additional safety and decreases the likelihood of tripping.

This method has been growing in popularity because it is easy to install and can last for many years, even with complicated designs.

Resin pathways will earn you compliments from both your neighbours and guests.


We can help you create a new walkway or renew your existing ones with low-maintenance, decorative paving.

Our resin bound systems mimic the look of loose gravel but have very little maintenance. Just a sweep and power wash will keep your patio looking new.

Use our buff aggregate mixtures to create traditional looking paths or give your path a modern look with modern greys. A coloured aggregate option is available if you’re looking for a splash of colour.